Where is the dive shop located?
Cristina doesn’t have a shop. She works on the boat which is ddocked at a marina called “Caleta”. All trips are arranged by email or phone, then meet Cristina and her crew at Caleta at the arranged time.

How do I get to Caleta?
All the taxis on the island know how to get to Caleta. Your hotel will arrange for a taxi to take you there. If you are coming from a cruise ship, there are plenty of taxi’s available as you get off the ship. The price could approach $10 from the far north hotel district, about half that from most of the south hotels and the cruise ship docks.

Scuba Cozumel

There are lots of boats. Which one is the Nena?
As you approach the water from in Caleta, turn left at the “T” instersection. When the road turns back to the right, you will see the Nena between the 2 small buildings.

My cruise ship doesn’t dock until 10am. Will I miss the boat?
The normal departure time from Caleta is 9am. If your scheduled docking time is too late to make that, please let Cristina know when you are arranging your dives. In most cases departure time can be adjusted.

What is the cost to dive?
The prices for many of the common things are listed here. If you have a need for services not listed, please contact Cristina.

Is there a deposit required? How do we pay?
There is no deposit required. If you say you are coming, your word is good enough. However, if somethind does happen and you can’t make it, please contact Cristina as soon as possible so someone else can enjoy the beauty of Cozumel and the fun of diving with Cristina. Payment will e accepted on the boat in cash or travellers check, US Dollard or Mexican Pesos. We are sorry but we do not accept credit cards.

Are there restroom facilities?
Yes, the Nena has a toilet on board.

Is it really that comfortable?
Yes – it is. The boat is large enough to walk around, find a place to stretch out in either the sun or shade, sit in groups and talk about diving, football, or the silly thing your dog did last week. The boat does have protection from wind and rain, an area to keep your towels and cameras dry, and a padded seating area. You can get dressed as the boat approaches the dive site, and not have to sit around in your wet suit on the dock waiting. The crew will set up you equipment, prepare a weight belt, and help you get in the water.

After the dive, all your gear will be taken by the crew and readied for the next dive while you rinse in a warm, fresh water shower, eat a delicious lunch, and take a short nap. The surface intervals are spent in calm shallow water where you can snorkel, splash around, or try out the sea kayak. After the last dive, your gear bags will be packed and ready to unload on the dock while you talk about all beautiful things you saw in one of the best dive sites in the world. The taxi’s will be waiting when you return to Caleta.